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Star Wars Gunship Lego: Republic and Droid

Which To Choose For A Gift?

When thinking of Star Wars Gunship Lego, two thoughts probably come to mind:

The Republic and Droid gunships.

Each of these gunships are really different.  The Republic is a Troop Transporter and is made up of 1,034 pieces.  The Droid attacks from the air and comes with its own bombs.  It has 329 pieces.

Take the battle to the Separatists with this heavily armed troop transporter, as seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Features opening crew bay doors, flick missiles and separate speeder bike. Includes seven mini-figures: Four clone troopers, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and two new minifigures, Plo Koon and Asajj Ventress, a Sith Lord equipped with a new double lightsaber. 1,034 pieces.
The Droid Army attacks from the air! The Separatists strike back with the mighty Droid GunshipT! This heavily-armed vehicle straight out of the Clone Wars features wing-mounted laser cannons, movable nose-mounted blaster turrets, retractable landing gear, an opening cockpit, and “bombs” that automatically drop with the turn of a gear. Set Contains 329 Pieces.

Includes DroidT Pilot and 2 Battle DroidT minifigures!
Open the cockpit the put the Droid Pilot at the controls!
Turn the gear to drop the “bombs”!
Rotate the blaster turrets!
Measures 10″ (25cm) long and 9″ (23cm) wide!

Lego Systems, Inc. Ages: 8+

If you trying to decide between these two as a Christmas gift for a loved one, then either one of these choicest would be good.  The Droid is cheaper in price and smaller in size than the Republic.  While the Republic is higher priced than the Droid it is much larger in size, when it is put together it is a impressive sight.  Both have unique features and capabilities and either choice should be a good one.

Buy Star Wars Gunship Lego

Are you interested in giving one as a Christmas gift or other special occasion gift?  Then knowing where to buy is an important question for you.

We believe  Amazon is a great place to purchase your Star Wars Gunship Lego.  If you want to buy this fun educational toy you can find it at a lot of the major retailers and many online stores as well.  However Amazon stands out for a number of reasons:

  • Amazon can easily be identified as a well-established and much respected online shopping company.  They provide a great online shopping experience.  They are well known for their outstanding customer service.  Also great prices can be found at Amazon.
  • Customer needs are important to Amazon.  To help meet all their customers needs they even offer gift wrapping for an additional fee (on most items) if you desire.  This service can be a real plus during the busy holidays.
  • With Amazon you know you can shop with total trust and confidence.  It is because of their stellar reputation, outstanding customer care and great prices they have developed a loyal following of devoted customers who shop with them routinely.  When you do your online Christmas gifts shopping with them you can have peace of mind.  They have an extensive inventory to choose from when shopping for a Christmas gift or everyday shopping needs.

Have you ever visited Amazon before?  If not, consider doing so now by taking a look at the *Republic Gunship and experience Amazon first hand.

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