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Lego Star Wars Republic Gunship – Well Loved Favorite

Are you a Star Wars fan?  If so, you are probably well aware of Lego Star Wars Gunship themed Legos.  In fact, Star Wars was Lego’s first property that they licensed.   The year 2009 was special for Lego because they celebrate 10 years of its Legos Star Wars line.

Lego is well recognized as a leading manufacturer in children’ toys.  Almost any child is well familiar with Lego. In fact, the Lego Group goes back to 1932 when it was first established.  They are diligent in their pursuit of manufacturing toys for children that stimulate their creativity and imagination.   Needless to say their product lines have been hugely successful.

Frequently Legos such as this one are found on kids Christmas wish-lists.  Kids have a true love for these toys and no doubt lots of kids’ toy chests contain Legos.  Because it is both an educational toy and a tremendously fun toy, parents often select Legos for Christmas presents and other special occasions for their children.  Many of us can easily reflect back to those fun days of playing with our own childhood Legos.

The Republic Gunship is well loved by kids,  parents and collectors … and sells quickly.  It definitely makes a top Christmas gift.

Take the battle to the Separatists with this heavily armed troop transporter, as seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Features opening crew bay doors, flick missiles and separate speeder bike. Includes seven mini-figures: Four clone troopers, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and two new minifigures, Plo Koon and Asajj Ventress, a Sith Lord equipped with a new double lightsaber. 1,034 pieces.

If you want to give it as a Christmas gift, *order the Lego Star Wars Republic Gunship today to avoid buyer’s regret!

Fabulous Entertainment

Star Wars Clone Wars Fun

The Star Wars Republic Gunship is part of the Lego Star Wars collection – Clone Wars Legos.  You can get in on the action of the Clone Wars with this gunship.  It is an armored Clone Wars troop transporter that is heavily armed.  A highlight of the gunship is that it can fly or land in a battlefield or enemy territory.  It has plenty of spy droids, cannons and flick missiles.

Just imagine getting together with friends who are Lego Star Wars collectors or builders.  What a fantastic fun set could be created with everyone bringing his or her prized Starwars Legos.  Don’t worry if your friends don’t have any of the “Legos” – StarWars because after they take a look at yours they will be hooked.

Your child’s imagination (or your own) doesn’t have to be limited to using the Lego pieces just for the gunship.  You can take these pieces and build anything you want.  Just let your creative juices flow.  Now that is indeed terrific value for your money!  When you combine this with the fact that Legos are well built and can endure playtime (construction) and affords boundless hours of fabulous entertainment … you truly have a great gift or hobby.

The manufacturer recommends ages 9-14 for this Lego.  However, it is well know that many adults and collectors are hooked on building these fabulous creations.  The Star Wars Republic Gunship Lego is a wholesome way to engage in stimulating, and creative fun.  Lego building can easy become a favorite hobby.  It makes a great top Christmas gift idea.

About Republic Gunship

Regardless of whether you are a collector, lover of “Legos” building or you enjoy the thrill of engaging in the play action you will find that it is easy to become hooked.

Are you wondering about what comes inside the box? Then here you go:

* Republic is a troop transporter (from The Clone Wars series) and it is indeed impressive. It comes with 7 mini-figures: 4 Clone Troopers, Obi-Wan Kenobi and 2 new mini-figures – Plo Koon and Asajj Ventress..  For many the mini-figures that are provided with these Legos help make it extra special.

  • Features: Much appreciated features are the ability to position able cannons, flick missiles and spy droids.  It comes with a removable command station and healing chamber.  You can open troop bay doors.  (As you can see you will be able to maneuver parts of the Lego.  This definitely makes playtime more enjoyable.)
  • You will find the capability to deploy the speeder bike from the back has been included.  Multiple decals are provided.  Decals always adds a nice touch by being able to personalize it.
  • This is a good size Lego. There are a total of 1,034 pieces, which can easily provide countless hours of exciting fun.  When these 1,034 pieces are put together a beautiful crafted gunship is your prize.  You can either enjoy viewing or playing with your spectacular gunship or you can tear it down and then use your creativity and build a new creation.  Yes this is indeed a wonderful capability.

Below is a great video on building this gunship. It is fascinating to watch.  If your child loves to tinker and has a love for Stars Wars, then he will love this gunship.

It is indeed impressive to see the pieces of the Legos come together into such a marvelous creation.  This video was created by using the pinnacle studios 12 ultamite.  It definitely will inspire you with an appreciation for the creation.

Gunship Review – Video

If you would like to take a more detailed look, then watch the video below.  You will get a close up look at the gunship and its capabilities through demonstrations.  Also various features are pointed out during the video.

If you are not very familiar with Legos, then this video is a great way for you to get a good look on exactly what Legos are and or what you can do with them.

After viewing the video you will easily see why they are so well loved. It would make a terrific Christmas gift for kids or adults who love to build things and for those that are collectors.

Enjoy the video!


Bit of Lego Trivia

Here are a few fun trivia facts for your enjoyment:

  • In 1932 the Lego Group began making wooden toys.
  • Their motto is “Only the best is good enough”.
  • In 1940 they began producing plastic toys.
  • In 1949 they started producing the interlocking bricks we know today.
  • In 1963 they started using in their manufacturing (ABS) acrylonitrile butadiene styrene a resilient plastic that is strong.
  • As you can see many years and much experience is behind the manufacturing of Legos.  They are definitely well-constructed and can hold up to child’s play.  Legos last!

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